We know from feedback that you enjoy meeting the people behind Mini First Aid. In this week’s ‘spotlight feature’, we introduce you to Julia Stubbs who heads up Mini First Aid Manchester North. Julia came on board with Mini First Aid because she was so impressed with the brand and the support given to all their franchises across the UK. Julia tells us in her own words:


“Having been on a Mini First Aid course myself, I saw the value of the classes so I really believe in what we do. The fantastic reputation the brand has for the quality of its courses gives you a massive helping hand when you're starting out. I took a lot of confidence from the Franchisee Satisfaction Award and the fact 96% of franchisees recommend it. The more I found out about the support you get to really make your Mini First Aid business a success, the more sure I was that it was for me.”


Having worked for numerous companies in training roles, Julia brings a great deal of experience to her classes. With a young child herself, she knows only too well how important first aid knowledge can be. Julia believes in the vital importance of learning first aid. She says:


“Learning first aid is such a simple thing that people can do but can make a massive difference. People use the word 'literally' too often these days, but knowing first aid literally can save lives. Someone told me recently that in Bulgaria you have to be first aid trained to get your driving licence. Imagine if everyone who could drive in the UK could administer first aid? It is a very socially responsible thing to do.”


Julia in mum mode!


Julia has ambitious plans for Mini First Aid Manchester North. These include going into schools to educate and empower children and young people to be able to look out for, and help, both their own families and the wider community. Go Julia!


To book a Mini First Aid Manchester North class, whether for adults or for children, please click here